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Fallone di Gravina

Fallone di Gravina


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Place of Origin

Gravina di Puglia (Bari)


Fallone of Gravina cheese takes its name from the word "fallone" which means empty, and refers to the fact that can not be stored and therefore must be consumed immediately.

The Fallone di Gravina is a fresh cheese, with no rind, delicate, soft, white, compact and with a distinctive flavour. It must be consumed in one day because it uses raw milk instead of pasteurized milk.


The preparation of the Fallone di Gravina consists in adding to the sheep's milk, used for its preparation, 15% of goat milk. This is done to give the cheese a spicier flavour.

Once produced, the cheese is inserted in container that are then immersed in brine for 15 minutes.

It is a table cheese but it can also be used as a seasoning for various recipes.


Fallone di Gravina pairs well with Martina Bianco DOP or Ostuni Bianco DOP.