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Muro Leccese



Muro Leccese was an important Messapian centre with protective walls, which can still be seen today. In 1156 the town was owned by the Norman Guglielmo Bosco. Through the Middle ages the town was owned by different families.

The Mother Church of Muro Leccese is dedicated of Our Lady of Assumption and built between 1680 and 1693. The church is of Baroque style and it was built using the local stone called 'Pietra leccese', a particularly malleable stone ideal for elaborated carvings. Inside there are many interesting paintings of the XVIII century.

The Baroque Church of Immacolata was built between 1778 and 1787 over an older construction with the same name. It is considered one of the best examples of the Baroque style in the Salento. The facade is divided in two levels with an elaborated portal surmounted by the statue of the Immacolata and two side arches. Inside there are various interesting Rococo stuccoes.

The small Byzantine church of Santa Maria is the oldest church in Muro Leccese and one of the oldest in the Salento area. Other interesting churches are: the Byzantine Church of Santa Maria di Miggiano, the Church Del Crocifisso and the Church and Convent of the Domenicani.

The Palazzo Principesco is an interesting palace built in the XVI century over an previous construction of the XV century.

The area of Muro Leccese is is famous for its Menhirs, megalithic construction whose origin and function is still unknown. Among these Il Palumbo (140 cm), Giallini (130 cm), Miggiano (200 cm) and Croce di Sant'Antonio (420 cm).



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