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Grottaglie area, situated near a ravine from which it takes is name, was inhabited since the Palaeolithic times. The grottoes started to be inhabited when in the V century the Goths invaded the area. Remains were found in the grottoes of Del Fullone, Fanano, Pensieri and Casalpiccolo.

In the X century the inhabitants of the grottoes left the caves and founded Grottaglie, surrounding it with defensive walls.


What to see

Castello Episcopio

The castle of Grottaglie, known as Castello Episcopio, was built by the Bishops of Taranto in the XV century. It is located in a dominating position over the town set off by a square tower on three levels. Today it houses the Museum of the ceramics with objects from the VIII century to our days.

Mother Church

The Mother Church of Grottaglie was built between the XI and XII century. Its facade has a richly decorate portal in the Apulian-Romanesque style and an above large rose window. Inside, the beautiful Rosary Chapel with the altars of Saint Ciro and Saint Francesco De Geronimo, the Patron Saints of Grottaglie.

Other important churches

Among other churches the Del Carmine church and the Sanctuary of Saint Francesco De Geronimo, built in 1830. Outside Grottaglie the XVII century Sanctuary of Saint Maria Mutata, located on the side of a small basilica erected by the Basilian monks.


Grottaglie contains some interesting palaces such as Palazzo Cicinelli, built in the XV century, the Baroque Palazzo Urselli, built in the XV century, and Palazzo Maggiulli-Cometa.


Grottaglie tourist information

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Castello Episcopio – Largo Maria Immacolata



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