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Sun dried aubergines

Sun dried aubergines


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Place of Origin

Whole Puglia


Sun dried aubergines preserve is a Traditional Agricultural Food Product (PAT) of Puglia, prepared throughout the whole region.

This type of aubergines once dried in the sun take on a dark colour and a characteristic intense flavour.

The drying technique, which preserves the product for a longer period while maintaining the nutritional quality, allows the use of aubergines off season simply by wetting them with some water.


For the preparation of sun dried aubergines preserve only firm and not too ripe aubergines must be chosen.

They are washed thoroughly and hand-cut longitudinally. They are then salted and allowed to dry under the sun until they reach a humidity of 30-35%.

Later they are wet in vinegar for a few seconds, dried and stored in airtight glass containers.

Sun dried aubergines can be consumed as they were fresh simply by wetting them with some water.

They can be used as an appetizer, for the preparation of Parmigiana or added to salads, for seasoning panini or pizzas.