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PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

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Troccoli are a type of home-made pasta typical of the province of Foggia. They are prepared using a special kitchen tool called "Troccolo", from which they take their name. This tool is a type of kitchen rolling pin with circular blades that allow the cutting of the dough.

They are, therefore, rustic noodles of a diameter of about 3 mm and golden yellow in colour.


Troccoli are made using durum wheat flour, eggs and water.

Once the dough is ready it must be spread out using a regular rolling pin, then troccoli are cut using the troccolo kitchen tool.

It must dry before being cooked in salted boiling water.

Troccoli can be served with any kind of sauce. A typical recipe of Puglia is Troccoli with walnut sauce or with meat sauce.