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PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

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Orecchiette are a type of home-made pasta typical of Puglia. Their origin can be traced back to the town of Sannicandro di Bari but they became common to the whole Puglia region during the Norman-Swabian domination of the 12th century.

Orecchiette have a round concave shape similar to small ears. They are of a size of about 2-3 cm with a rough and thinner centre.


The preparation of orecchiette consists in mixing semolina flour with water.

Once the dough is ready it is roll out to form long strings that are cut into small pieces.

The orecchiette are then shaped by pressing on the small pieces of dough using the tip of the knife.

Orecchiette are usually seasoned with turnip tops or with meat sauce and grated cacio ricotta cheese.