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Extra virgin Olive Oil Terre d'Otranto

Extra virgin Olive Oil Terre d'Otranto


DOP - Protected Designation of Origin

Place of Origin



The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Terra d'Otranto is produced in the whole province of Lecce, some territories of the province of Brindisi and others of Taranto province.

The olive varieties used for the production of this olive oil include the Ogliarola leccese, also known as Salento, and Nardò, also known as Saracena. These should be mixed together for a percentage not less than 60%. The remaining part, and in any case not exceeding 40%, may come from other varieties of the same production area.


The production of this oil must meet the following requirements:

- the olives must be harvested by 31 January;
- harvesting must take place directly from the tree;
- the interval of time between harvesting and the milling should not exceed 48 hours;
- oil extraction can only be carried out with mechanical processes which are capable of producing oil without affecting its characteristics;
- the maximum acidity may not exceed 0.6%.

The PDO Terra d'Otranto is a yellow-green colour olive oil, with a fruity aroma with hints of leaves, and a medium bitter and spicy taste.


The PDO Terra d'Otranto can be used for pasta dishes, vegetables, legumes, meat and fish.