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Salsiccia a punta di coltello dell'Alta Murgia

Salsiccia a punta di coltello dell'Alta Murgia


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Place of Origin

Altamura (Bari)


Salsiccia a punta di coltello dell'Alta Murgia is a type of sausage made using ham and shoulder of pork with the addition of pork lard.

The product has a firm texture, with white veins typical of the lard. It has an intense aroma and a strong flavour.

It is a unique sausage thanks to the local butchers who were able to keep alive ancient production techniques, thus ensuring a high quality product.

The area of ​​production of the Salsiccia a punta di coltello includes some towns of the Alta Murgia such as Altamura, Gravina di Puglia, Poggiorsini and Spinazzola.


For the production of this sausage the pork meat is hand-cut in small pieces with a knife and mixed with wild fennel seeds, strong or sweet chilli, Malvasia Bianca of Gravina wine and salt. It is, then, allowed to stand for a day.

In the meantime the guts are washed and macerated with fennel seeds, orange peel and salt.

After 24 hours, the meat is placed inside the guts. The sausages are then pierced with a needle of large dimensions, so they can lose some water, and allowed to rest for 12 hours.

The sausages are then hung to dry and left to season for 20-30 days in cool and ventilated rooms.

This sausages can be found in the local butchers.


This sausage pairs well with Negroamaro di Terre d'Otranto Rosso DOP and with Castel del Monte Nero di Troia DOCG.