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Prosciutto di Faeto

Prosciutto di Faeto


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Place of Origin

Faeto (Foggia)


Faeto, a small town located in the south of the Daunia Apennines in province of Foggia, is the centre of the production of this famous prosciutto still produced according to ancient methods.

The black pigs used for the production are bred in the wild with organic berries, acorns and corn, considered to be responsible of its excellent taste and aroma.

Prosciutto di Faeto is made with salted and pressed pork legs, usually of a weight ranging from 9 to 12 kg.


Once the ham has been salted and pressed with large boulders, it is seasoned for 4 months. After this period it is sprinkled with flour mixed with lard, pepper and chilli.

The seasoning takes place in locations not lower than 700 above sea level and in the presence of special conditions that guarantee a slow process of seasoning.

This prosciutto must be seasoned for at least 12 months.

Prosciutto di Faeto is eaten in thin slices and can be used in recipes or for the preparation of delicious sandwiches.

Every first Sunday of August, takes place the Sagra del Prosciutto di Faeto, a gastronomic event of particular interest where you can enjoy this product directly from producers.


Prosciutto di Faeto pairs well with Matino Rosso DOP and with Ostuni Ottavianello DOP.