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Pancetta arrotolata di Martina Franca

Pancetta arrotolata di Martina Franca


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Place of Origin

Martina Franca (Taranto)


Pancetta arrotolata di Martina Franca is a type of rolled up and boneless smoked pork. The meat used for its production comes from pigs reared in the wild, usually inside oak woods.

It is produced, not only in the territory of the town of Martina Franca, but also, in the two neighbouring towns of Locorotondo and Cisternino which together delimit the Itria Valley, an area known for the presence of cone shaped buildings called trulli.


The meat pork used to make Pancetta is first de-boned, salted, flavoured with pepper and local natural flavours of the Mediterranean vegetation.

It is then kept in appropriate containers for 15-20 days. After this period is marinated in vincotto for 12 hours.

Later it is rolled on itself by hand, wrapped in guts, tied and smoked over fragno bark, almond skins and various flavours from the Mediterranean vegetation.

The seasoning period ranges from 60 to 100 days in ventilated and cool rooms such as trulli, neviere (ancient buildings used to store snow) and natural caves.

Pancetta arrotolata di Martina Franca is a particularly tasty and aromatic ham. It is sold as a whole pieces or sliced.

Very good with fioroni (local figs) or with cheese.


Pancetta arrotolata di Martina pairs well with Primitivo di Manduria DOP and Castel del Monte Rosso DOCG.