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Cervellata di Toritto

Cervellata di Toritto


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Place of Origin

Toritto (Bari)


Cervellata is a sausage prepared with beef and pork meat mixed with fennel, white wine and black pepper. Its name (cervellata = brain) derives probably from the characteristic shape of the minced meat.

It is a typical product of the town of Toritto, located in the province of Bari and within the Alta Murgia National Park.


The Cervellata sausage is prepared by choosing only the most humid parts of the flesh of beef and pork (70% beef and 30% pork). These are de-boned, defatted and either hand-cut with a knife or minced in a meat grinder.

The minced meat is then mixed, by hand or with a mixer, together with basil, spices, garlic, fresh ground black pepper, salt, a bit of water and local pecorino cheese. This mixture is then stuffed in guts.

At this point the sausages are wrapped on themselves and stored for consumption.

The Cervellata should be cooked only for few minutes on each side, the inside must be of a pink colour and must remain wet to get the maximum flavour.

Every year towards the end of August is held in Toritto a festival dedicated to the Cervellata.


Cervellata pairs well with Castel del Monte Rosso DOCG, Ostuni Ottavianello DOP and Nardò Rosso DOP.