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Carne Podolica

Carne Podolica


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Place of Origin

Territories of Foggia and Taranto


The Podolico bovine is a race bred on the Gargano promontory, in particular in the territory of the towns of Mattinata, Monte Sant'Angelo and Rignano Garganico, in province of Foggia, and on the Murgia hills, in particular in the territory of Mottola, in province of Taranto.

It seems that the Podolica race originates from Ukraine, where it was called 'Podolia'. It was probably imported here during the barbarian invasions, around 450 a.D.

The calves used for the production of this meat have an age around 15 or 16 months, with a weight of 350 kg. The males are, instead, slaughtered at around 2 years of age when they weight about 500 kg.

Both males and females have curved horns. Those on the Gargano have a reddish fur, while those on the Murgia hills have a grey fur.


The Podolico cattle are bred free to move around and graze on large surfaces of the Gargano and Murgia hills. Thanks to this system the meat is of superior type. The Podolica meat has, in fact, a sweetish taste and a yellow fat, which is the result of grass rich in carotene.

The Podolica race can reproduce in large quantities up to the age of 12 years with a gestation period that lasts nine months and an average interval between births of about 15 months.

It is a meat of intense flavour, slightly sweetish and, during cooking, it does not retract but retains its size.


This meat can be paired with Castel del Monte Nero di Troia DOCG when baked, and with Canosa Rosso DOP and Negroamaro Terra d'Otranto DOP when grilled.