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Prickly pear liqueur

Prickly pear liqueur


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Place of Origin

Gargano (Foggia)


Prickly pears are very common plants in Puglia. The most common ones are those yellow inside, but those red and white are also common.

This liqueur originates from the Gargano area, but is now prepared throughout the whole region. It is a liqueur golden yellow in colour with a delicate and deep taste.


For the preparation of this liqueur follow below steps:

Put 10 peeled prickly pears inside airtight glass container and cover with 500 ml of alcohol. Allow it to rest for 10 days.

Prepare the syrup by heating 40 grams of sugar combined with 500 ml of water.

Once oooled down add it to the alcohol from which you would have removed the prickly pears.

Filter and allow to rest for at least 20 days. Store in glass bottles.

The prickly pear liqueur can be enjoyed after a meal or paired with dessert.