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Mirinello di Torremaggiore

Mirinello di Torremaggiore


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Place of Origin

Torremaggiore (Foggia)


Mirinello di Torremaggiore is an alcoholic liqueur made with wild cherries typical of the area of ​​Torremaggiore.

Mirinello is a wild cherry tree found only in the countryside of Torremaggiore and well adapted to the Mediterranean climate. It is also known as Cherry of Saint Lucia or Megaleppo.

The liqueur has a ruby ​​red colour tending to garnet, with an aroma of wild cherry and bitter almonds. Its taste is bitter with notes of wild fruits.


For the preparation of Mirinello you need to macerate in alcohol the fruits of Mirinello for at least 30 days.

After a month add natural flavours and water, filter and store in glass bottles.

It is excellent for after meals, but also as an aperitif or to be added to desserts made with chocolate, semifreddi and cookies.