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Mandarin liqueur

Mandarin liqueur


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Place of Origin

Whole Puglia


Mandarin liqueur is a very aromatic alcoholic beverage with an intense taste.

For a good quality and intense flavour product fresh local mandarins should be used.


For its preparation follow these steps:

Get the peel of 10 mandarins, place them in an airtight glass container and cover with 500 ml of alcohol. Allow to rest for 15 days. During this time make sure to shake the container from time to time.

Prepare the syrup by combining 400 grams of sugar with 500 ml of water, heat and once ready let it cool down.

Mix syrup and alcohol, filter and allow it to rest for a while. Store it in glass bottles.

The mandarin oranges liqueur should be enjoyed cold, possibly stored in the freezer, and served in glasses kept in the fridge. Great after a long meal and as a thirst quencher.