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Liquore di mirto

Liquore di mirto


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Place of Origin



Liquore di Mirto is an alcoholic myrtle liqueur with sweet taste and a purplish colour.

The myrtle plant is very common in the whole Mediterranean area and well widespread throughout the whole region.

In Puglia the myrtle liqueur is typical of the Salento area where the plant is found within the typical Mediterranean vegetation.


For the preparation of this liqueur follow these steps:

Put 600 grams of myrtle in an airtight glass container and cover with one litre of alcohol.

Allow it to rest for 40 days. Shake the container periodically.

After 40 days filter and squeeze to release the juice.

Prepare the syrup with 600 grams of sugar and one litre of water, once ready let it cool down and add it to the alcohol.

Filter and leave it for a couple of months. Store in glass bottles.

Excellent as a digestive.