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Lemon liqueur

Lemon liqueur


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

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Lemon liqueur is one of the most famous liqueurs of Puglia made by macerating lemon peels in alcohol for 15 days.

The lemons used for its preparation should be of the large type and from organic production. Characteristics that give the liqueur quality and inimitable taste.


The preparation of lemon liqueur is as follow:

Cut the peel of eight green lemons and add it to one litre of alcohol. Allow it to rest for 15 days in an airtight glass container.

After 15 days prepare the syrup with 800 ml of water and 600 grams of sugar, heat it and when ready let it cool down. Add the alcohol filtered of the lemon peels.

Filter again and allow it to rest for a while. Store in glass bottles.

The lemon liqueur should be drunk quite cold and served in glasses kept in the fridge. It can be enjoyed after lunch. It is an excellent drink for hot summer days.