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Scamorza di pecora

Scamorza di pecora


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

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Scamorza di pecora (sheep cheese) is a rare short matured kneaded-curd cheese produced with milk of grass-fed sheep.

It is white or straw in colour and has no rind. It has the classic pear shape of the scamorza and a diameter between 6 and 12 cm. Its weight can range between 300 to 600 grams.

The inside of the cheese is compact and white. It has a sweet taste that changes depending on the maturing period. If seasoned for more than three months the crust turns yellow.


For the preparation of this cheese, the milk is brought to 38 degrees when the calf rennet is added. The cheese is then heated to 40-44 degrees and, once extracted, arranged on tables to acidify for up to 24 hours.

The stretching of the cheese is carried out in hot water at 90-95 degrees and the shaping done by hand. It is then salted in brine.

Scamorza sheep cheese is a table cheese that pairs well with various vegetables. If seasoned it can also be used as a grating cheese.


It pairs well with fruity white or red wines of low alcohol content.