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Pecorino of the Appennino Dauno

Pecorino of the Appennino Dauno


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Place of Origin

Appennino Dauno (Foggia)


Pecorino of the Appennino Dauno is one of the oldest cheeses of Puglia. It is a soft and delicate cheese made with sheep's milk.

It is a wheel cheese of a diameter of about 20-30 cm, with a wrinkled and pale yellow rind. When more mature it tends to have a thick rind of hazelnut colour while the inside is dry, hard and of yellow colour.

It can be consumed after 2 months, or, if matured, after 6 months.


For its preparation the sheep's milk is first heated to 36-37 degrees and then mixed to calf or lamb rennet. After, the cheese is left to settle on the bottom of the container, where it is hand-pressed.

Later the cheese is arranged in baskets which are heated at 80-85 degrees and dry-salted.

It can be used for seasoning but also eaten as a starter or with plain bread.

Pecorino with a long maturation period (6 months) is used as grated cheese to flavour pasta with meat sauce, the typical meatballs or stuffed Aubergines.


Pecorino pairs well with reds such as Primitivo di Manduria DOP.