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Pecorino foggiano

Pecorino foggiano


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Place of Origin

Gargano (Foggia)


Pecorino foggiano is a cheese produced in province of Foggia, in particular in the area of ​​Gargano.

This pecorino is usually aged for 2 or 6 months. The 2 month matured Pecorino has a straw-coloured hard rind and a soft white inside. The 6 month matured one has a hard dark-coloured rind, while inside is hard and straw coloured.


For the preparation of this cheese the raw sheep milk is heated at 37-40 degrees, then lamb rennet is added.

When cheese is ready it is extracted by hand and placed in baskets. Salting is made using the dry method.

Pecorino foggiano is a table cheese to eat alone or with vegetables.


Pecorino foggiano pairs well with red wines such as San Severo Rosso DOP and Cerignola Rosso DOP.