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Pecorino di Maglie

Pecorino di Maglie


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Place of Origin

Maglie (Lecce)


Pecorino di Maglie cheese is a traditional product of Salento area, in particular of the territories of Maglie, Otranto, Poggiardo and the area of Serre Salentine.

It is a wheel cheese of about 14 cm of diameter. The short matured version has a thin soft and straw-coloured rind, it is soft inside and light and sweet in flavour. The one matured over a longer period has a darker crust colour, a more hard texture and a spicy flavour.

It can be consumed after 2 months, or, if matured, after 10 months.


This cheese is made with milk from two consecutive milking, one from dusk and the other from dawn, filtered and heated to 40 degrees. Once to temperature calf rennet is added.

When ready the cheese is placed in containers and pressed. Salting is made with the dry system.

Pecorino cheese can be eaten with vegetables.


Pecorino di Maglie pairs well with red wines such as San Severo Rosso DOP and Cerignola Rosso DOP.