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PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

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Giuncata is among the oldest cheeses of Puglia, named after the basket in which the cheese is arranged once ready.

It is a fresh delicate and with low-calories cheese made with cow, goat or sheep's milk. It is a soft cream cheese with no rind, white in colour and with a sweet taste. It has a cylindrical shape and a weight between 300 and 500 grams.


The preparation of Giuncata is very simple: the different kind of milk - goat, sheep and cow - are first mixed together and brought to a temperature between 32 and 38 degrees. At this temperature the lamb or calf rennet is added. Once the cheese is ready is extracted with a spoon and placed in containers.

This cheese is not salted, it does not need seasoning and can be consumed immediately after its processing.

Giuncata is a table cheese that can be enjoyed with a bit of bread and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, or with vegetables and fresh tomatoes, fennel and celery.


Giuncata is excellent when accompanied by a rosé wine such a Salice Salentino Rosato DOP.