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Fiordilatte, is a type of cheese similar to mozzarella, produced in this region since Middle Ages.

It is a soft cheese made with cows' milk, of white colour, elastic, and with delicate and fresh flavour.

Each piece can have a size between 7 to 20 cm and a weight between 100 and 300 grams. Some variants of the fiordilatte can also be found on the market, these are the "Bocconcino", of 100 grams, and the "Treccia" of 300 grams.


For the preparation of the fiordilatte cheese, first raw milk is brought to temperature, then liquid calf rennet is added. The resulting compound is allowed to rest until it reaches the correct acidity for stretching.

The fiodilatte is then shaped at a temperature of 90 degrees. When ready it is salted in brine.

Fiordilatte can be eaten raw or cooked. Raw can be appreciated along with fresh tomatoes with added basil and extra virgin olive oil.


It pairs well with white wines such as Martina Franca bianco DOP and Ostuni Bianco DOP.