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Cacioricotta caprino orsarese

Cacioricotta caprino orsarese


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Place of Origin

Orsara (Foggia)


Cacioricotta caprino orsarese is a traditional cheese produced exclusively in the territory of the town of Orsara.

It is made with milk of goats bred in the wild fed with grass of the area on the Gargano promontory.

It has a pear shape with a weight of about 400 grams, a thin rind and a straw colour. The inside of the cheese is white, compact and tender with a sweet flavour.


This cheese is prepared by bringing milk to the temperature of 90 degrees and allowed to cool down to 40 degrees when the goat or calf rennet can be added. After about 30 minutes, the cheese is cut and allowed to rest for about 30 minutes.

At this point the cheese is shaped by hand. Once ready it is tied with strings and hang to drain for about 5 hours. Immediately after it is salted in brine.

Cacioricotta orsarese is usually eaten with bread or as dessert with a honey or vincotto. It can also be part of a starter.

The matured Cacioricotta can be added to pasta dishes.


Cacioricotta orsarese pairs well with Cerignola Rosso DOP and Ostuni Ottavianello DOP.