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PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

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Caciocavallo is a product of ancient origin in Puglia. It is made with cow's milk and has a typical pear shape with a hard thin yellow crust. Inside is compact and white, with a spicy flavour when seasoned.

It is named Caciocavallo (namely horse cheese) because two shapes of this cheese are tied together and hung on a pole as if they were on a horseback.


For the preparation of Caciocavallo the cow's milk is brought to temperature, then the calf rennet is added.

The resulting cheese is removed and allowed to stand on tables. This is followed by stretching, hand shaping and brining. The maturing period is usually of two months.

This cheese is great when eaten in pieces, either alone or to give flavour to the typical Apulian dishes like pasta with cherry tomatoes.


Caciocavallo pairs well with light red wines like Ostuni Ottavianello DOP or Ortanova Rosato DOP.