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PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Place of Origin

Territories of Brindisi and Lecce


Uliata is a typical product of the Salento area, which includes the provinces of Brindisi and Lecce.

It is a bread of small size prepared using semolina flour, with a dark colour crust and a white crumb. Its diameter is usually around 12 cm. The mixture also contains black olives matured in brine.


The Uliata is prepared with double zero type flour, refined flour, barley flour, yeast from previous dough, salt, black pitted olives in brine.

The dough is allowed to rise for few hours before being baked in wood-fired stone ovens.

Uliata can be eaten alone, but it is often stuffed with various ingredients such as Capocollo of Martina Franca, tomatoes, or Caciocavallo cheese.