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Grape type: Black

Susumaniello is a popular vine variety of Brindisi area. Thanks to its distinctiveness it can give colour, balance, acidity and sugar when mixed with other varieties.

Susumaniello is a vine that tends to lose productivity over the years, this has led to a sharp reduction of its production all over the territory.

By itself, this vine can produce full-bodied structured red wines with a ruby red colour. They are, also, fruity on the nose, with a balanced tannic taste and a good dose of acidity.

The bunch of Susumariello is medium sized, elongated and pyramid-shaped. Its grapes are medium-sized with a medium-thick bluish and waxy skin.

DOP wines with Susumaniello grapevine

Wines with Susumaniello as main grapevine

There are no DOP wines using Susumaniello as main grape.

Wines with Susumaniello as secondary grape



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