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The origin of the town of Conversano go back to the Iron Age when the Peucetii founded the ancient Norba. The remains of a megalithic wall and the presence of various graves confirm its origin.

During medieval times Conversano was contended by the Byzantines and the Lombard who fortified it in the VII century. The town was also conquered by the Normans and, between 1508 and 1806, was owned by the Acquaviva family.


What to see

The Castle

The castle of Conversano is a Norman structure later modified. In the XI century it was added a round tower, in 1460 a polygonal bastion and during the XVIII century there were modified the main gateway and the walls. Inside the rooms are richly decorated by famous artists.

The Cathedral

The Cathedral of Conversano was built between the XI and the XII centuries but completed only in the XIV century. The facade is divided in three parts with three portals and a decorated rose window. Inside there is an interesting fresco of Pisan school and houses the icon of the Madonna della Fonte, protector of the city.

Monastery of San Benedetto

The Monastery of San Benedetto is an impressive monument built in the X century. Inside there are interesting Baroque decorations and paintings. There is also a bell tower built by the Normans and Baroque cloister.

In the surrounding area of Conversano

Among places to visit outside Conversano the convent of Santa Maria dell'Isola, the XII century Church of Santa Caterina, the Church of Santa Cosma, built in 1636 and containing fine paintings by Paolo Finoglio, Cesare Fracanzano and Carlo Rosa.


Conversano tourist information

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