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The 6 best and most interesting towns of Puglia


Lecce is, undeniably, the most artistically beautiful city of Puglia. It is generally known as the 'Florence of the south' for its many examples of churches and palaces in Baroque style. In the Piazza Duomo, a big square with a single entrance, do not miss the Cathedral, the Episcopal Palace and the Seminary. The Santa Croce Church and the annexed Palazzo dei Celestini are two other buildings that must be seen. Lecce is also rich in archaeological remains such as the Roman amphitheatre, located in Piazza Sant'Oronzo, and the Roman Theatre.

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Anfiteatro - Sedite e Colonna di Santo Oronzo Lecce


Ostuni is one of the most characteristics towns of Puglia. The old town, perched on a promontory of the Murge surrounded by ancient walls, is a cluster of small alleys and stairs, charming squares and panoramic views over the stretch of ancient olive trees that reach down the Adriatic sea. You should see the late Gothic style Cathedral located in the Piazzetta Cattedrale, in the heart of the old town, the Archaeological museum, located at 15 Via Cattedrale, and walk around its small narrow streets flanked by white washed houses with enchanting arches and stairs.

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Ostuni - Puglia



Otranto is a small town located south of Lecce that still retains its ancient defensive walls of Messapian and Roman origin and an imposing 15th century Aragonese castle. Its cathedral retains one of the most beautiful mosaics of the 12th century, created by a monk named Pantaleone. Inside the old town there are many charming places and beautiful views over the Adriatic sea. The coast of Otranto is also wonderful with delightful beaches such as the Baia dei Turchi and that of Laghi Alimini.

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A tour of Puglia is not complete without visiting Alberobello, a town famous for its cone-shaped houses called trulli. The old quarters of the city, Rione Monti and Aia Piccola, and some buildings such as Casa d'Amore and Casa Pezzolla have been declared UNESCO World Heritage sites. It is a city worth visiting for its stunning setting that never fails to enchant.

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Alberobello - Trullo Sovrano

Polignano a mare

Polignano a Mare is a beautiful town perched on a high ridge with breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea. The town, surrounded by ancient protective walls, is a cluster of narrow streets that lead to panoramic terraces. Of particular beauty is the terrace overlooking the Lama Monachile, with a breathtaking view of the beach below, particularly crowded during the summer months, the high cliffs and the crystal clear dark green sea.

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Polignano a mare beach

Martina Franca

Martina Franca is one of the most important Baroque towns of the region. The cathedral, a mixture of Baroque and Rococo, is a charming example of the local stone work. The historic centre is still surrounded by ancient walls with beautiful baroque palaces and fascinating carved stone portals.

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Martina Franca, Palazzo Università