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Alta Murgia National Park

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The Alta Murgia national park is a plateau located inland of Puglia. It is the second largest park of Puglia after the Gargano national park.

Of particular interest in this park are the areas of the Mercadante Forest, the Pulicchio, the Pulo, the Dolina (largest sinkhole in the park), the valley of the dinosaurs, where in a disused quarry there are more than 30,000 dinosaur footprints, the ravines and the Bosco di Difesa Grande. Part of the park is also one of the most famous castles of Puglia and southern Italy: Castel del Monte.

The landscape of the park consists of high hills and valleys with a vegetation profoundly transformed by man during different historical periods. It is a habitat made of thick forests, grasslands and rocky formations with cypress and pine trees typical of the area. There are also fragno, oak, holm and farnetto trees. The area is very rich in Mediterranean vegetation with the myrtle and the hawthorn.

Wild animals living in the area include deer, hares, squirrels, foxes and badgers. There are also reptiles such as the Cervone snake and the snake with the collar. Among the birds, thrushes, nightingales, blackbirds, the tawny owl, the magpie, the wild dove and the owl.

Scattered throughout the area there are stone buildings, called 'Jazzi', which were ones used to protect animals during the harsh winter nights.


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Una casa sulla murgia

A walking trip of historic interest starting from Gravina di Puglia town, in the Agro Bitonto, nearby the old stone building called Jazzo della Ficocchia. This is a relaxing daily experience for children and adults. Also available as half day excursion.

A testa in giu'

This excursion makes use of a transport facility. It goes through the Murgiano ridge, then to Spinazzola, the Cave of Bauxite and the chasm of Cavone.

Foresta di Puglia

A walking tour, with departure and return to Gravina in Puglia town, to visit Casal Sabini and the tomb of Grotticella, where there were found remains of 16 humans of the Bronze Age, together
with funerary objects.

Tracce nella roccia

This excursion, suitable for children up to 13 years, starts from Gravina di Puglia town. It leads to the discovery of the Murgia di Sant'Elia, full of rocky vegetation. The area is reached by a minibus.

Castelli in aria

A guided day trip to the castle del Garagnone. It can also have a duration of half day.

From the train station of Ruvo di Puglia to Tratturello Regio

This cycling path of about 9 km starts from the train station of Ruvo di Puglia and goes through the typical landscape of the area, up to the oak forest between the Fenicia and Ruvo forests, located in Tratturello Regio. It has a duration of about 1 hour and 30 minutes and is entirely on paved road.

From Tratturello Regio to the visitor centre of Torre dei Guadiani

This route, of a length of 9 km and of a duration of 2 hours, goes through the northern edge of the Fenicia forest and ends at the Scoparella forest. It is a path partly on clay and partly on asphalt.

From the visitor centre of Torre dei Guardiani to Le Quite of the Canale del Pidocchio

Short bike tour, of only 30 minutes and for a length of 2.6 km, to discover the type of landscape of the park made of almond trees and sown fields.

From Corato to Necropoli of San Magno

Cycling path of about 3 hours for a length of 17 km. Starting point is the train station of Corato. The route is entirely done on the road SP19.

From Tratturello Regio to Necropoli of San Magno

This cycling route, of 12 km for a duration of about 2 hours, goes inside the forest of Fenicia, located along the northern edge of the park.

From Chiesetta Neviera to San Magno, Serra Cecibizzo

This cycling route is for professional hikers only. It is 4 km in length and of a duration of about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Departure is from the church of San Magno.

From Serra Cecibizzo to Castel del Monte

This is cycling route for experts. It is 10 km long for a duration of about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Departure is from the Cecibizzo forest to reach the famous Castel del Monte.


Info centre Alta Murgia National Park

  • Officina del Piano per il Parco
    'Don Francesco Cassol'
    Parco Nazionale dell'Alta Murgia
    Via Valle Noe', 5
    Ruvo di Puglia - Bari

Telephone: +39 080 3613443
Email: officinadelpiano@parcoaltamurgia.it