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Regional nature reserve of Litorale Tarantino Orientale

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The Nature reserve of Litorale Tarantino Orientale is located south of the province of Taranto at the border with that of Lecce.

The reserve includes four protected areas: Salina dei Monaci, connected to the sea through a channel, Palude del Conte, a wetland with sandy dunes, Bosco Cuturi, Rosa Marina, located inland, and Foce del Fiume Chidro.

Salina dei Monaci has a vegetation made of Mediterranean steppes. The Palude del Conte is exceptional place for bird-watching thanks to the presence of migratory birds such as pink flamingos, wild ducks, swans, wild geese, purple and white herons, robins, woodpeckers, nightingales, blackbirds and ravens.

There are also many other species of birds like barn owl, owl, buzzard, osprey, harrier, black kite, peregrine falcon and kestrel.

The amphibians that can be seen in the area include the Italian tree frog, the common toad and the newt. Among the reptiles, tortoise, the Viper of Laemann, the grass snake and the Cervone snake.

Mammals found here include squirrels, hedgehogs, porcupines, hares, wild rabbits, wild cats, foxes, and wild boars.


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