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Regional natural park of Litorale di Ugento

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The Regional natural park of Litorale di Ugento stretches from the city of Torre San Giovanni to Lido Marini. The land consists of various natural environments such as sandy beaches, high dunes covered with typical of the Mediterranean vegetation, humid environments behind the dunes, marshes, pine forests and olive groves.

The water basins part of this protected area are Suddenna, Bianca, Ulmo, Rottacapozza North and South, Spunderati North and South.

There are many species of migratory and resident birds including herring gulls, cormorants, herons, red herons and the flamingos. You can also find mallards and moorhens.

Among mammals, foxes, weasels, martens, badgers and hedgehogs. Inside the reeds the grass snake, the pond turtle and numerous examples of common and green toad.

A nature walking itinerary is organized by the managers of the park. This route starts from the coast and heads inside the park. Along the way you can watch the various different habitats of the park such as the sandy beaches, the rocky and humid environments, the marshes and the Mediterranean vegetation.

Of particular interest in the hinterland are the 'gravinelle', karst gullies parallel and perpendicular to the coastline.


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We don't know of any itineraries organised in this nature reserve. If you know of any itineraries/escursions organised by this park then let us know the details and we will be glad to list them.


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