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Regional Natural Park of Lama Balice

The park


The Regional natural park of Lama Balice is located near a long 'lama', which is a deep karst gorge, located north of the city of Bari.

It is an area with many caves, some natural and other made by man, that have preserved remains of prehistoric times.

The typical vegetation of this park includes the fragno and oak trees.

Throughout the area there are masserie and medieval farmhouses including Villa Framarino, now centre for the documentation and conservation of the nature.


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We don't know of any itineraries organised in this nature reserve. If you know of any itineraries/escursions organised by this park then let us know the details and we will be glad to list them.


Info centre Regional Natural Park of Lama Balice

  • Comune di Bari
    Via G. Petroni, 103
    70124 Bari

    Provinciale 156 - Aeroporto Palese
    70128 Villa Framarino - Bari

Telephone: +39 080 577 4405