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Regional natural park of Bosco Incoronata

The park


The Regional natural park of Bosco Incoronata is located approximately 12 km south of the city of Foggia.

It is this a habitat of particular interest thanks to the presence of trees such as the cypress, the Judas tree and the wild pear tree. The oak, which is also widespread in the park, is all that remains of the original forests that once covered the entire Tavoliere of Puglia.

The park of Bosco Incoronata is crossed by the river Cervaro that originates in the Daunia Mountains to flow near the town of Manfredonia.

The wildlife in the park is very diverse thanks to the different habitats like rivers, forests and pastures. Among the animals that live in the area there are foxes, woodpeckers, cuckoos, kingfishers, badgers, also reptiles such as the Cervone snake.


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Bike Route

This route, of about 12 km, starts from the city of Foggia to head to the park through a side street formerly used by shepherds from Abruzzo, who travelled it to get to the Tavoliere of Puglia with their livestock.
This route goes through the Sanctuary of the Madonna Incoronata, located at the entrance of the park.

Visit to the Sanctuary of the Incoronata

This is a walking route for the faithful interested in visiting the Sanctuary of the Incoronata. The Sanctuary has become a religious pilgrimage place since April 1001, when a count of Ariano Irpino saw the Virgin Mary who asked him to build a chapel for the faithful.

Path of the Pino Marittimo

A short walking path on a flat part of the park with a forest of eucalyptus trees.

Path of Terebinto

A walking route through the path of Rovella, to end in a grazing area with herbaceous plants and shrubs, including the Terebinto, which produces red flowers, and the Ferula, which produces yellow flowers.

Path of the Torrente Cervaro

This walking route goes through a forest with oaks to head to the river of Cervaro. Here, along the banks of the river, the large willow and poplar trees have created a forest in the shape of a gallery.

Path of Roverella

This walking route of 1.5 km goes through the oak forest of Roverella. The route crosses other trails, including the path of the Torrente Cervaro.


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