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Regional natural park Bosco e Paludi di Rauccio

The park


The Regional natural park Bosco e Paludi di Rauccio, located some 6 km from Lecce, is all that is left from a vast wooded area that once surrounded the city.

The park covers about 600 acres, and includes a wetland, two coastal basins (Idume and Fetida), along with three canals (Rauccio, Gelsi and Fetida). The remaining part of the territory is occupied by Mediterranean vegetation and large agricultural and uncultivated areas.

Today, the appearance of the park is the result of both the profound changes made by man over the centuries, so that the area could be used for agricultural purposes, and the adaptation of vegetation to constantly changing environmental conditions.

Rare species of plants and animals can also be found, which make the park of Rauccio a site to visit for anyone interested in nature and its preservation.

The Management Authority of the park has entrusted exclusively to Terradimezzo the educational, recreational and tourist activities for the whole area.


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We don't know of any itineraries organised in this nature reserve. If you know of any itineraries/escursions organised by this park then let us know the details and we will be glad to list them.


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