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Protected nature reserve of Torre Guaceto

Protected nature reserve of Torre Guaceto

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The Nature reserve of Torre Guaceto is located on the Adriatic coast between the coast of Ostuni and Brindisi. The area extends for 7 km inland and for 20 km of coast.

The reserve contains a remarkable diversity of habitats and landscapes ranging from the marine reserve inhabited by turtles, to wetlands and marshes inhabited by amphibians and birds. The area is also characterized by the presence of sandy dunes and beaches.

An important feature of Torre Guaceto is its marine reserve. The exceptional backdrops, both rocky and sandy, preserve different animals and plants of particular beauty. Inside the marine reserve there are three zones, each offering a different type of protection and specific natural features:

Zone A is a full protection area. Here is allowed only scientific research and, with permission, marine excursions are possible.

Zone B is a partial protection area. It extends north of the tower and bathing/swimming is permitted.

Zone C is a partial protection area. It extends south to Apani and bathing/swimming is permitted but only with permission.

The stretch of coast that goes from Punta Penna Grossa up to south of the tower is a varied coast. The northern part is mainly characterized by a low and sandy coast; further south, north of the tower, the coastline is characterised by a number of coves; south of the tower the coast is linear and consists of a clayey cliff.

All along the sandy beaches there are a series of sandy dunes and, just behind the dunes, a wetland consisting of pools of brackish water surrounded by typical Mediterranean vegetation.


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The cycling excursions of the park have a duration of three hours. Bicycles can be rented on site.

Sea watching - Snorkelling

During this excursion, available only during summer, is possible to visit the marine reserve and appreciate its beautiful seabed. The excursion lasts about one 1 and 30 minutes.


This is a walking tour inside the reserve to discover the Mediterranean vegetation, the wetlands, the beaches and the tower.

Trenino del Mare

From the beach of Punta Penna Grossa and from the Services Area of Apani is possible to take a train to visit the reserve. Bookings are possible at the information point of the beach of Punta Penna Grossa or at the Services Area of Apani.


Info centre Protected nature reserve of Torre Guaceto

  • Consorzio di Gestione di Torre Guaceto
    Via Sant'Anna 6 - 72012 Carovigno - Brindisi

    Consorzio di gestione di Torre Guaceto
    Contrada Serranova, 26
    72012 Carovigno - Brindisi

Email: segreteria@riservaditorreguaceto.it
Website: www.riservaditorreguaceto.it