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Bacino Costiero Acquatina nature oasis

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The Nature reserve of Acquatina is a wetland situated along the coast near the seaside resort of Frigole. The place was known in Norman times as the 'Guadina', a marshy area periodically flooded by storm surges, but rich in numerous fish species.

In the early 1900's, maintenance and restoration work of the marshland took place, which included the construction of a wall to contain the brackish water, thus permanently altering the landscape.

The Bacino of Acquatina is connected to the sea by a long shallow canal on the south side, and is also supplied with freshwater from the Giammateo canal on the north side.

In common with other wetlands along the coast, the Oasis is surrounded by the typical Mediterranean vegetation of the area and has a rich diversity of fish, crustaceans, molluscs, as well as aquatic plants and algae, which also makes it an ideal home for local and migrating birds.


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